Symposium on Place

Ayad Rahmani, Associate Professor in the School of Design + Construction at WSU, and I, organized an interdisciplinary symposium on the theme of ‘Place’, at WSU in the fall of 2016. This successful night of presentations and discussions was attended by faculty and students from across the university. Topics focused on poetics, data, socio-political issues, travel and time, and the local. Presenters included: Linda Russo, Judy Theodorson, Andrew Cassey, Mona Ghandi, Michael Myers, Raihan Sharif and John Streamas, Kim Castelin and Colleen Taugher, Ayad Rahmani, Kayla Wakulich, and Kristin Becker, with introductions by Alex Wolf, Jared Boorn, Vlanka Catalan, and Marianeth Becerrill.

From the introduction: 

“The places in which we live, work, commute and spend our leisure time, effect us in myriad ways, both tangible and intangible.

They can shape our reactions and emotions, our sense of health and safety, our ability to participate in society, and the people we can become. Issues related to place reach across a full range of disciplines including cultural studies, geographic and environmental issues, architecture and psychology, to name only a few. These presentations are centered around the topic of how place has determined, shaped or affected research projects, to provide deeper insight into our understanding of place collectively. ”

You can download the program here.

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