Beyond Printmaking 4

Every two years, Texas Tech University organizes the exhibition Beyond Printmaking. I was honoured to be selected as the juror and curator for this fourth iteration of this exhibition. It is a wonderful and diverse display of work that utilizes a wide range of printmaking methods, with strong themes of text and language and experimental forms connecting the work. Joe Arredondo and his team at TTU did an exceptional job at the installation of the exhibition and many thanks go to them for making this such an engaging exhibit to experience.

Invited artists included Nicole Pietrantoni, Jeremy Lundquist, Jon Swindler & Nick Satinover. The selected artists were Libby Clarke, Andrew DeCaen, Galen Gibson-Cornell, Daniel Greenberg, Brett Groves, Matthew Gualco, Sarah Hulsey, Joeseph Lupo, Kathryn Maxwell, David Medina, Michelle Murillo, Clifton Riley, Kimberly Ritchie, Barbara Ryan Gartin, Tonja Torgerson, Summer Ventis, Margi Weir, and David Wolske.

The short essay I wrote for the exhibit can be found here:
Beyond Printmaking 4 Juror’s Statement

Sightings at the press…

Slinging ink in TO and beyond…
Nuit Blanche at Open Studio, Demo and project at the University of Illinois (photos by Emmy Lingscheit), AP Sale at Open Studio: Guest printing for artist Winnie Truong (photos by Ken Ewen).

Screenprint Vacuum Table Mods

I built this last year, and just came across the photos, and figured this was something worth sharing. I built a fairly standard DIY vacuum table, but kept the vacuum table free floating so registration could be adjusted if needed. The copper was cut on a metal shear and a large hole was drilled into it with a drill press that allows for the vacuum bed movement when loosened. The table was drilled with a hole just large enough for the bolt, with washers underneath and on top with a knob that is also from a standard hardware store. The ‘Target’ was drawn in Illustrator with 1/16” increments, and taped in place.

Interdisciplinary Discussions in Design

This last spring Arash Adel invited me to join him in a public discussion about my art work, architecture and urban design in the Architecture Department at Washington State University. For the past year, Arash has been one of the Weller Fellows in Architecture at WSU and teaching design studios, seminars and computational design workshops. The video here has a few excerpts from the event where our discussion touches upon Kevin Lynch, Le Corbusier, perspective and other topics. Arash will be continuing his research at ETH in Zurich this fall, and you can read more about him here: Many thanks to Arash and everyone who attended and asked great questions at this event.

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